Gregor Kuschmirz
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Shoot The Messenger!
Carriers of bad news have always had a hard time, especially in ages, when messengers were the only source of information and those delivering bad news needed to fear for their lifes.

Today social networks are becoming a central information source and its us, who busily keep a system running, which still favours the positive and threatens the opponents of mass-positivism with social exclusion. By executing just too many carriers of bad news, Tigranes the Great first lost access to information and hence parts of his empire. What will be the consequence of the inexorable rule of good news within the digital mediasphere?

The selection shoot the messenger looks into the economy of the message and a the ever-changing use of media. A cental work is the other cheek, a kinetic installation made of two loudspeakers, which physically illustrate their sad news. Fried tapes tell about the passing of a technologie, while the interactive installation stock exchange of visions deals with the economy of attention.

The Other Cheek

The other cheek is a kinetic soundinstallation about hurt and retiliation. Sound and physical display of force and counterforce alternate in it´s tale of a nearly endless boxing match: Two loudspeakers circulate in opposite directions in a room. They regularly collide with each other in middle. The loudspeakers alternately respond to the impact by emitting a whining sound. Each time the howling turns into an aggressive scream, which is only stopped by the following collision. | mixed media, Cologne 2015/2017
kinetic sound installation / documentary surround sound / mourning

200 Fried Tapes

The series is the result of a performance during which Gregor Kuschmirz deep-fried 200 VHS-tapes in sunflower oil. A disused medium tells about its end, even without reproduction technology. In addition 199 tapes contain the record of the frying process of their predecessors – an unseen documentation.

media bending performance / video home system / recorded deformation


A series of 9 speculative sculptures. Each is equiped with a technical detail (a switch, an antenna or a nozzle) and an USB-wire, which serves as its stand only. | Mixed media, Cologne/Stuttgart, 2010/2011
connected things / speculative sculpture / non-interactive / universal serial bus

Stock Exchange of Visions

The interactive installation and website invited visitors to reflect about the future of the planet through watching visionary statements by scientists, artists, designers and futurologists, such as Vandana Shiva, Joep van Lieshout, Bruce Mau and Richard Slaughter. The system measured the visitor´s demand for certain topics and charted the results in a stock-exchange-alike style. Stock Exchange of Vision premiered at FABRICAS exhibition »Les Yeux Ouverts« at Centre Pompidou in 2006 and later travelled to Triennale di Milano and Shanghai Art Museum. Its website got maintained until 2011.
interactive installation / video data base / fabrica / centre pompidou

vhs performance  video documentation of the frying performance | Stuttgart, 2007

Tatlin Race – Concept

A big loudspeaker on wheels circulates in a dark room. It sounds screeching voices of children, who imitate a motor race and squeaking tires. A video projector is mounted on top of the speaker. It displays a 3D-simulation of an endless ride inside of a drive-up of a multi-storey car park from a driver´s point of view.

vladimir tatlin / multi-media based narration / kinetic installation

Cellphone Voyages

With the objective of examinating our relationship with personal phones, a box full of cell phones was delivered to places of touristic interest, e.g. Heldenplatz in Vienna, Rambla in Barcelona or a pub in Dublin. The cell phones´ owners called their devices at an predecided point of time. The phones were silently answered and the owners listened alltogether to the ambience. | Barcelona/Basel/Dublin/Kassel/Stuttgart/Venice/Vienna, 2007

alternative vacations / digital detox / externalized identity

The Other Cheek  video documentation of the first set-up | Cologne, 2017


“HYPERPUBLIC” enquires the social functions and artistic potential of public space.
Location based Identity

The selection “Location based Identities” enquires the relevance of sites in the quest for identity.
Shopping is for poor people.

A selection about market economy and it´s effects on artistic production.
Rare Window

Rare Window puts videos and video installations into an aesthetic context.