Gregor Kuschmirz
info    theme park    de   en The Other Cheek at Stuttgarter Filmwinter | 2019

videodocumentation of the setup at 'Filmwinter Stuttgart' | 2019
The Other Cheek

The other cheek is a kinetic soundinstallation about hurt and retiliation. Sound and physical display of force and counterforce alternate in it´s tale of a nearly endless boxing match: Two loudspeakers circulate in opposite directions in a room. They regularly collide with each other in middle. The loudspeakers alternately respond to the impact by emitting a whining sound. Each time the howling turns into an aggressive scream, which is only stopped by the following collision.

kinetic sound installation, mixed media | Cologne | 2015/2017

Shoot the messenger
The Ambassador

responsive light installation – concept | Stuttgart | 2007

The Shy Camera

interactive installation | Stuttgart, Madrid | 2007, 2013
But first

video clip, 5min. | Cologne | 2013

Rare Window