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Location based Identities
The digiticed knowlegde about our whereabouts makes us loose our sense of orientation, helps retailers to increase their turnovers and secret services to spot potential threats.

To this day it is still us who know better then anyone else, where we come from, where we have been and – in this respect – who we approximately might be. Whereabouts determine – next to our family, our occupation and individual experiences – our self-perception. This applies not only to our point of origin and the places, where we grew up, but also to those, where we stay later on. And when it is about self-manifestation, there is hardly any more effective instrument, than the proof of having been to certain places and of living in certain neighbourhoods.

The selection location based identities incorporates works, which deal with places, their boundaries and identity-generating effects. A central piece is void machine by Gnad and Kuschmirz, a spacious, interactive installation about its author´s geographic traces. Train Time, a film by Saiz and Kuschmirz, discusses the idea of a massive monument for Europe, which would transform places along a gigantic railway track into time marks, while Magnetfelder are highlighting the emptiness at the sites of their particular installation.

Void Machine

An interactive, kinetic installation about personal whereabouts and identity. Its centrepiece was a revolving directory taken from an atlas and a projection of those toponyma, which the authors had erased from the directory beforehand. The audience´s presence speeded up the physical movement and enlarged the projected names, while their absence made the machine stop and shrank the projected typography.
Void machine is the result of a collaboration of Fritz Gnad and Gregor Kuschmirz and has been made possible by Platine Festival 2013 | wood, paper, motors, kinect and other electronics, Cologne, 2013

interactive kinetic installation / kinect / location monitoring

Magnetfelder (magnetic fields)

a series of minimalist wall works, which touches complexes such as emptiness, ready-made and nomadism. Each piece is composed of a weight of 2 kilogrammes, a string, three nails and a magnet. | mixed media, Cologne, 2017
contemporary nomadism / emptiness / gravity

Genie des Eaux

The sculpture reflects colonialisation and global cultural ... angleichung. It is made up of materials found near the former premises of Artspace 1814.   | acrylic paint of plaster and plastic, Shanghai, 2008

colonialisation / global props of culture / sculpture

Train Time

A documentary, a book and an exhibition about an artist and his vision of building a circular track of 2400 km for a high speed train, which would indicate time through its geographic position. It is based on the idea and concept of Manuel Saiz, who was joined by Gregor Kuschmirz for the shooting and postproduction of the documentary. | Logrono, Utrecht, Cologne, 2010-2011
european identity / time and space / art and politics

1: according to Christian Schüle in DIE ZEIT, 24.08.2017
2: according to Sophia Muckle in design report, Juni 2005
3: according to Jean Baudrillard in Transparenz des Bösen, Merve, 1992

Chase 75

video loop, 75 shots, 75 movemements towards the camera, 75 points of view; | 3min., Cairo, 2008  
flowers in Cairo / video loop / Hase und Igel


The interactive application invites users to explore an abandoned factory. While walking around, he or she will collect phrases, which result in a poetic text. The poem and an abstract visualisation of the virtual walk are displayed in the end.
The application is based on cutouts from newspapers and 25 linked panoramic pictures and has been programmed with the great support of Heike Siegert. | photography and code, Munich, 2002

interactive application / panoramic photography / position tracking / vertical syntax

Opening Machine

Driven by water pumps opening installation operated the blinds of gez. gallery space in Stuttgart during its opening hours. The site-specific installation took advantage of the particularities of the ground floor location, raised the pedestrian ́s attention and used the fact of being the gallery´s first exhibition. | wood, buckets, hoses, water pumps, Stuttgart, 2007
blinds / site-specific installation / programmatic publicity / water pumps

void machine  video documentation | Cologne, 2013

Shoot the Messenger!

The compilation “Shoot the Messenger!” deals with the cultural impact of various means of communication.

“HYPERPUBLIC” enquires the social functions and artistic potential of public space.
Shopping is for poor people.

A selection about market economy and it´s effects on artistic production.
Rare Window

Rare Window puts videos and video installations into an aesthetic context.